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Hi, everyone!
Sometimes on Hopscotch, you update your games, right?
Well, some games are "complete", too. What I will share with you today is the idea of updating your games.
I love coding. Mostly making games and releasing them to everyone. When I made Trump Chase, I thought it was done. But then, I published a sequel to it. After that, I did it again. And then, I realized that it will be always incomplete. So, then I browsed my published. All my games and stuff, I realized they were incomplete. I was marveled by this concept, so I dug for games. ALL of them could have been added onto.

So, fellow HSers, look in your published when youre bored. Find a game you can add onto, and do it.
Thank you for reading.




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Great idea! This topic will be useful to many :smiley:


Thank you!


Awesome topic! I'm going to try to add onto my projects soon, too ^.^


Yayyy thank you! ^-^


Yo welcome :D


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Okay fren ^-^


But that depends on your willingness to update the game lol


Yup, it does but it's just an idea, and I'm trying to get the forum back on track.


This is very true. That's literally what most of my best projects were: me building on my other projects. Like compare CoSine Draw to CoSine Limn. Massive difference!


Yep! Exactly!


Great topic!


Yeah, you are right. You can always add, mix and update your projects. If you don´t know what to update, you could ask other hopscotchers here on the forum or on the app.


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