No flip block? Bug or update?


Hey @Liza and @Meg
I was trying to make the new game earlier and I wanted to flip one of the characters and I couldn't find the flip block. Can you guys please add it back?


oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's not gone‚Äč:grin:


It's there for me...


I don't think it's gone, it's there on my iPad! :wink:

Maybe refresh Hopscotch?


I'm pretty sure it isn't gone, it's there for me.

Maybe you could try closing and reopening Hopscotch?


Woaaaaahhhhh is that the new update?!!?!?


Oh sorry thanks I see it now I thought it was in a diff menu


It appears for me so its a bug


I guess we can recycle this topic now


I think it can stay open :D
What if others had the same question? :D


Good point @ahappycoder


i dont care gn :s


what collab XD


gbot pls gn thicks :s
u troled me. WHAT?



Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

@poptart0219 I know you're active can you close dis pls