No email whatsoever MUST READ VERY IMPORTANT



I call for a state of emergency. I repeat. State of emergency.

So there is a phishing threat going around which can cause risk for impersonation and very major problems.

Please do not email THT right now, I repeat. They can be victims of the hacking, which can cause many users (especially young ones) to fall victim to phishing attacks.




But it's a problem :grimacing:

Also what is phishing


This has been an issue for a while, I think we are pretty safe. :slight_smile:


Um are you sure about that?


Guys what if @totallynotarobot is the phisher?
If ur not I apologize


Yep. The hacker stopped hacking almost two weeks ago. That's why Docs was banned.


Just should post cause little ones like my sis email tht everyday lol


Well ok I didn't know I was late :confused:


It's okay! People should still be cautious. :)


THT is still at risk tho


I got an email a week ago. :frowning:


This would be cool to experience
I'm not saying this would be fun, I. Saying it would be cool to know what it's like to get phished


I didn't press the link, so I'm ok.


This issue is very scaring and concerning to me I'm kind of scared


oh my gosh! :o
im so curious to know what the bad word was :0


ohhhh I think I know what it is :0000


I just emailed the hopscotch team a few days ago. Am I ok?


Well don't do it again and don't click on any suspicious links.


Ok thanks! Liza hasn't emailed me back, we were just talking about me visiting there.


Oi, I'm scared.

GUYS. Listen up.

This is a big problemo. Big. Links might be disguised, so if they look alright, still don't click it. I use gmail, so....

Oh my goodness-
Mods can see email addresses. I do trust the mods, but there is a chance this might be it...

Anyways, be careful and be aware.