No cuphead on hopscotch yet?



I can’t believe that cuphead isn’t on hopscotch yet. It’s the new trend… I bet you a kjillion dollars that a cuphead project will be featured sooner later. I’m bringing this up so I can tell you I’m making my first ever trail art of mugman! Yay :3.


WHAts cuohead?


Yeah, what’s a cuphead @EarlyStudios?


Warning! This is super long.

If you don’t know what Cuphead is then I’ll tell you. Cuphead is an old fashion run n’ gun videogame that is meant to be very challenging. The story is, Cuphead and his brother Mugman we’re both playing outside, and then they run into the devil’s casino. They both decide to go in and then they win a bunch of games. ding dong Who is it? It’s the devil himself and he wants to make a deal with Cuphead. “If I lose a game to you, the casino is yours,” the Devil said “but if you lose, then I take both of your souls!” Cuphead then loses. They don’t want to lose their souls so the devil makes them fight off debtors.

Finally I’m done typing!


Cup head is a video game that recently came out, designed to look like old cartoons from a long time ago.