No Christmas contest? No best of 2017? What happened?



So tht didn’t have a Christmas contest this year like they always do and they did they have a best 2017. But why? What happened? Why is tht less active?

Please give your thoughts on these questions

@Liza what happened?


No replies?




At least you replied


I don’t know either, but it would’ve been fun to have those this year.


I think that THT might be busy fixing some issues like Trending etc. But they had a Halloween contest, and they must have been working really hard on their latest update even if the features only is for subscribers. They might simply have been busy improving Hopscotch. But I just guess that.


Yes, I think they are just focusing on fixing bugs right now. :slightly_smiling_face:


But why wouldn’t they have those? I mean it’s things like that that get hopscotchers into coding it’s things like that that get them interested.


Well, does Hopscotch typically have a Halloween contest?


I don’t think THT is doing as much contests in general. I guess they’re not doing one now!




But still. Some of us waited a year for the event. There were some amazing projects this year, it’s sad that we just walk away from them…


I agree. I might ask THT later about if they are going to do it.


I hope they do :slight_smile:


Me too
Not only that I enjoy seeing these awesome projects but also I think that they should be recognized


Yeah, I guess that’s unfortunate…

It’ll make 2017 hopscotch feel like nothing special…


Well, don’t lose hope yet! :smile:

THT may have just been super busy this year with working on Hopscotch, upgrading it, and making it an awesome community!

Also, it is only the first week of 2018! Since this year was an awesome one for Hopscotch, maybe there is a lot of best of 2017 factors to think about and include, and maybe it is taking them some time!