No 20202020 or Invalid Body anymore!



Hey guys,
i have a way so you dont need to type 20202020 or Body is invalid anymore! THIS ONLY WORKS ON IPAD!
first go to Settings > Go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > tap + in the top right corner > At phrase you type: 20202020202020 body invalid > and at shortcut: 20 > now go to forum and if you type 20 and a space there will stand: 20202020202020 body invalid! i hope this helped!


umm... wat? also is doesn't take me too long to type 202020202, I'll time myself for 1 sec, watch: 20020202020202002020202 that was definitely enough 20's


also I have no idea what you just said, it'll probably be helpful to somebody


I guess it works
20202020202020 body invalid