Ninjated14's collab



Just tell your strengths and play time on hopscotch then you can join!P.S Ask what job you want as there is a tester, coder, artist and musician!


Remember, report back to me. And add some tags. Add TheRealBlah tag!
@KVJ can you add TheRealBlah tag?(Because why not?)


Ok I will add @TheRealBlah tag


Where is it? If you can't find it just use the search bar.


Another general topic! XD


This time actually made by @ninjated14!


Your welcome ;u;


cool cool cool cool


Wait, I don't get this topic. Could you explain?


Hi guys just look at my first post!


I C U @Ninjated14 !


I mean the title says this is a general topic but I don't think this is one



leaves topic...


Uhh, that's something we discussed at school. I thought he will forget.


It's more of a Collab. @ninjated14 is still learning.


Hi plz read the first post!


Any one plz reply and see my last post


Hi anyone plz reply?


Hi, I am going BYE!!!,!,


Wait? What?! Don't leave! ■■■■■■■■■■■ because of

  • Haters
  • Family Reasons
  • No support on projects
  • No features