Ninjago (Ninja Club?) Accepting new People! Sign ups on post 148!



Hoi. This is Fearless. This was originally supposed to be a topik for a collab between, me, @TheDrawer and @Petrichor. Now, it is a type of "Club" as many people are calling it, tho I don't want it to turn into one. Here are a list of characters, the blank spots mean that no one is that character, tell me if you want to be one of them.

List of Characters

Sensai Wu-
Lloyd's Mom-
Lord Garmadon-
There are more but I think these are the main ones tha people like...

Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!

:DDDDDD I watch ninjago too


Cool. Wanna be Nya or Sensai Wu? Join the team?


Sure, I'll be Nya. And sure I'll join


Welcome to the team new fren! :D.


:DDDD thx


Welcome fren. Can I add you to my fren list on my topik?


Sure :DDD

Do u read WOF?


Yay you made the topic! Also thanks for including me into the account!


Welcome. It's the 3 of us, right? Frens for a long time!


I finished the series. So sad :frowning:


Have they came out with the book abut turtle yet?

Yeah it Is sad

K I'm gonna gbot


Nope. Bye! See you lATEr m8


K buh bye


Ahhh. All we need now is Zane. @Petrichor

Edit- and me, I have to go, babysit my bro. Bye



I used to watch njnjago, but I stopped watching for a while and I want to catch up before I continue watching but I can't find a way to catch up.....


I kinda stopped after the 5th series....

I don't watch it much anymore since I'm so busy with homework and stuff.

And there's too much episodes


I like it. But it could be like "Cyclon do"


Yup, but mudflowercat joined so shouldn't we add another letter? :000