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I have the perfect Zane GIF for it, hang on


I think ill draw Lloyd and Garmadon fighting cause their relationship is best father-son relationship


Omg, I gotta see that…


True potential Nya with Jay and Kia by her side might be better for it.
Lloyd and Garmy would be extra credit for you tho if you did that too


Beat ya.


I’ll do Laloyd (XD) and Garmadon then.


Dam you beat me to it.

Cole talking to Zane and Zane saying “No” would be good too


And yeah. You could do Wu somewhere in there too, bcuz it’s three characters you have to draw


@Petrichor, what do you think you’re gonna do?


Oh i never read the based off your own charactera oof


That’s fine.
So… Nya then? I’d love to see that


Yeah I’ll have to make a ref of her, Jay and Kia first


Uhh what?

And you do realize you have to do Zane and two other characters, right?

I’m prob gonna do CLZ. Or CZ and the second largest snake.


Someone add the fearlesss _ topik tag?


I was making a joke from the movie.
And I’ll add Wu in there.


It’s not working for me.


@SarcasticTvHead IMG_0198



Fearless if you saw the first one in ll you’d be so proud of me


@ChickenGirl why do you get to fight for honor but I don’t