Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



Garmy is forever the best

I would switch to him but iddkkkkkkk nya is super great tooo


XD yeah prob.
But let’s not get that over into this topic. There are people here’s who might not appreciate that (not me, I’m fine with it (duh) but still)


I loved drawing him 10/10 would do it again


Garmy is.
Nya is too.
I think Nya would be more fun tho


Yeah it fits me more…


dO it aGaiN ThEn


Yeah I think it does


Should i do a face off with him and Lloyd


Do the scene where it was Lloyd vs Garmy/overlord
Then do Nya finding her true potential


Or should i do a funny lloyd vs Garmadon scene


YeS i love how they made her have water cause Kai is fire and like how did aomebody not see that coming?


The Third Challenge

Ayyy, @Ninjago, I got a new challenge for y’all.

Sign-Up Sheet if anyone else wants in:

Character you wanna be:
Why you wanna join:
Will you be nice:
Will you do the challenges:
Number of Seasons you have seen:
Number of Episodes you have seen:

This challenge is based off of your characters. You have three weeks to either draw or code your characters with two other, related, characters. For example, Harumi could draw/code Harumi with Garmadon and Lloyd, because of the way that they are all connected in S8. Or, Python could draw/code Python with Scales and Fangtom, because they are all Serpentine. Those are just some examples.

Have fun!

(@ChickenGirl, you can pick any character you want that isn’t already someone’s character and then do the challenge with that)

The post I replied to was the second challenge. That was an accident, sorry. Don’t mind that


Character you wanna be: Garmadon.
Why you wanna join: I’d like to. Okay, that was a horrible reason.
Will you be nice: Yeah.
Will you do the challenges: I’ll try, and I’ll try to say if I can’t.
Number of Seasons you have seen: Only the movie.
Number of Episodes you have seen: Refer to answer for the question above.
@FearlessPhoenix, missed the form, whoops!


Go to groups, Ninjago, and send me a request to join. You’ll get a form. Fill it out I guess.
Or just do this


He never applied for it


That’s okay.
You’re garmy now!
Do the challenges, k?
I just posted challenge #3 a while ago

Sorry @100 /@Petrichor. Tankt beat ya too it


Ack dang




Haha lol
I’m imagining his reaction.

And Zane, I did say you can only be one character y’know!


Lol, I’m imagining his reaction too…