Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



@Ninjago reviving this

@ChickenGirl, sign up, k?


I’m sorry idk a lot about Ninjago but I am glad to ask dumb questions probably the same questions multiple times and then complain about the aesthetically unappealing design of LEGO people


That’s fine.

Look at the character list and tell me which one you wanna be, as long as it’s not taken already


How can i join the Ninjago tag list


I thought you were in it?
I added you. If you didn’t get it, send me a request and I’ll add you in


Oh I’m taking a break from kinning ever since I roleplayed as Claude frollo all of middle school in school on purpose is it ok if I just dont


Oh i am but i thought MFC was jist in it nbm


It’s not roleplaying,
It’s just kinda a nickname per say.
You don’t have to take one if you don’t want I guess.
You’re still in the tag list and you’ll do that challenges, right?


I swear I’m gonna start a marvel club then


Alrighty cool.

You’re still Nya, yeah?


Ok cool!
I will do challenges and stuff sure


Hey, read the description.
It started out as a collab, and then people started wanting to join and here we are…

I’d join the marvel thing tho.


Good luck friend

A friend on HS gave me the spot of Loki and my irl best friend (who also is on hs) Thor and we were like AYYyy


Yeah, what about the people who left the forum…?


Idk. Let’s find out

@Ninjago tell me if you guys still wanna do this. If you don’t, is it okay if someone else takes your character?
@TheDrawer, @Petrichor, @PBnJ, you guys don’t really have a choice. I don’t either lol


Who was Garmadon cause he’s like best


No one.
Idk why tho, Garmy is great.
And he’s practically immortal


He’s my favorite character out of alllll
I recently went back and watched the hunted series, thought that was great


lord garmadon said “gay rights” and then achieved nigh immortality


Dude that is so amazing like seriously

I went back and watched the whole thing through s7 over the last couple of weeks with my lil bro. It’s so amazing and nostalgic and Idek, I love it