Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



The first was made in iMovie.


Hello, Members of @Ninjago!

Please do challenge two, I'll put a link to the post with the challenge information and where we will compile our ideas.

If you ever need to talk to anyone or ask for help, tag our group by tagging them as @Ninjago. If you wanna join, fill out the signup sheet on Post 1 and either NindroidGames, TheDrawer or I will say you can join. When joining, please only ask to be a character that is NOT taken..


When's the challenge due? I'm sorry if it was already written there.


2018. Even if it isn't an 'official' challenge by then.


Oooohh okay that's good


Ok sure ! I'm finishing it off


@FearlessPhoenix, maybe ask t1 to make me an owner in Ninjago so I can add people?


I can make you a leader. But Why do you wanna add people in?


If they get in the club and need to be added in. Also, I can make a Ninjago gif the avatar.


I can do both of those things.. XD

I'll do it when I have a few mins, k?


@Ninjago. The second challenge is explained. Go to the following posts in order, top to bottom. Add in your info the way NindroidGames did. There will now be prizes based off of contributions. :wink:


Ca I join, I'll be anyone really:)


Character you wanna be: Any that are left
Why you wanna join: Because it is the best club​:slight_smile:
Will you be nice: Of Course!!!:slight_smile:
Will you do the challenges: Yesssssss!!!:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::grin:
Number of Seasons you have seen:1/2 maybe 3
Number of Episodes you have seen:?
[I haven't seen it in a while, Sorry:(


It's fine! Thanks for joining. I'll add you to our group tag. :)))))


@t1_hopscotch, can you do me a small favor please? Can you make the the first in the topic where I introduce the stuff a wiki please? I can't seem to be able to edit it.. hmmm..



@Ninjago have you guys found anything?
Go to the post I just replied to, because that is where all of the details are…


I have not. I’ll look again today though.


no but i will do research :smiley:


@Ninjago guys guys I just thought of a theory:

Dragon poops bag of weed
Jay decides: hey look dragon crap let’s smoke it
Jay gets high and stays that way throughout the season



I was MudFlowerCat :///