Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



Why? You should do it! I can't trail art, and I've left the app.


Okay, I may try, not now.


@Petrichor. A fan made teaser trailer. Probably accurate-ish? I mean, it's probably what they're doing..makes sense?

And this. What we know about Season 8


That is in 2018.


How do you get centered around? I got he'll play a big roll, nothing else. And Zane will too.


I figured that out

WhyyyyYyYyyYY muST wE WAiT???


It is better than best. That's all we know.


Season 8. Or Tommy Andreasen. Lots was revealed this week. Most of my info is from two days.


I tried to do that. I made it to big.



And, I mean, that, like, S7 was about Kai n Nya n their parents, S3/S4 was about Zane, S6 was about Jay, etc. Cole hasn't had one, yet. Just DOTD, but that wasn't really a season.


That's season 6.


If it says something bout Wu returning I believe they're wrong. Judging by the speed of Iron Doom's fall, it'll be in a future season.


character you wanna be: Misakuor Dareth
Why u wanna join: It sesms interesting!Will u be nice: yes
Will u do the challenges as much as I can
Number of seasons u ve seen: too many
Number of episode u've seen (can't remember i din't count them ! byt a lot


K. You're in. @Petrichor will tell you what you have to do for the next challenge. (Season 8 info thing, NG)


The Second Challenge


Sensei Wu-@BB-Box
Lord/Sensei Garmadon-
Feel free to be another character that I haven't listed, but you can only be one.

Sign-Up Sheet:

Character you wanna be:
Why you wanna join:
Will you be nice:
Will you do the challenges:
Number of Seasons you have seen:
Number of Episodes you have seen:

This challenge is based off of the upcoming Season 8. All you have to do is look up stuff about Ninjago Season 8, the upcoming season that will hopefully be released around the start of 2018. Look up things about Season 8, and compile them into the next post. Optionally, you could draw a scene of what you thing Season 8 will be like, or maybe an intro. Be creative if you do this optional part! But, please, try to do the challenge. It will only help us. It is ongoing, so just keep adding in information! If you have a video link, don't paste the URL itself, shorten the link.


Ninjago, Season 8.

Add in your information about Ninjago Season 8 on this post.
Make sure to say the source. Make sure it's reliable.

Nindroid will edit this into his thingy. Along with your character, so please write that too?

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It's in the post. :wink:


oh okay got it thx !


Yeah, you're welcome! Can you delete that post so that the list and the challenge are next to eachother! Thanks..


will do that now

edit = done