Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



@Petrichor. It'll be 'centered' around Cole, probably, because all the other ninja have had a season 'centered' around them.


Character you wanna be: Overlord sensei wu
Why you wanna join: I'm a big fan of ninjago
Will you be nice: yes
Will you do the challenges: I'll try
Number of Seasons you have seen: idk, until the pirates season
Number of Episodes you have seen: all until the end of the pirates season.


Cool. You're in.

If you have some time rn, can you look up Ninjago Season 8 and compile info with @Petrichor and I? Just make sure it's reliable. :wink:


Ok, I edited the character a wanted to be after some thought


Ok. I edited you in the Character list.


What is season 8 about?


We don't really know yet. Read the two posts NG revived this with, the pictures. That's all we know. But it'll probably be about Cole this time.


Okay, so it isn't out yet right?
Wanted to be sure, I'm not sure which one of the seasons that's which and how many there will be. I'm in Sweden so I'll probably need to see it later because it may take a while before it's coming out in Swedish.


People are calling Hands Of Time season 8. facepalm HANDS OF TIME IS SEASON 7, NOT SEASON 8. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, GOOGLE!!!!!! Now do I search up season 9 or...?


Yeah, it isn't out yet. If you want, you should watch Hands of Time, season 7. It's was in finnish so it's probably in Swedish by now.


I gonna try to make the ninjago logo on trail art. (Maybe I'll do it maybe not)


Ok, I'll see if it's out.


NindroidGames has done that before, too. I'm pretty sure.


It was out in 2016, so it probably is.


Oh, I'll check.
What is season 7 about? Pirates?


No..the pirate one is season 6. Season 7 is about the vermillion warriors n centered 'round Kai n Nya, their parents n such. Time travel. Hence the name, Hand of Time


Ok, I haven't seen that and I don't find it too. Not in Finnish too.


I'll get you a link to the first episode. Here, @BB-Box

It's in English.


Okay, I'll maybe take a look.


But that was just the "N"
I won't try to make it, someone else should do it