Ninjago (Club?) Accepting new members!



Fighting for honor is a personal choice


Sounds like fun

XD sry if I can’t join cause I know nothing :yum:
I’m good if it’s a no


If I saw the first one in what?
I guess I’m proud of you anyway? Idk what am I supposed to say?

I’m sorry, my brain just isn’t working…


@Petrichor? @SarcasticTvHead? Add that tag?


You can join!
I’ll add you in


Tanks. (Lol we are going back and forth between 2 topics


You’re welcome

Yeah lol, let’s stick to the other one


Lol, I’m not doing Garmadon and Lloyd fighting anymore, I’m doing something funny instead, although it’s more holidays-ish…

Thank you, ad for Amazon Echo!

Lol, it said “the perfect gift” giving me an idea…


I don’t really remember what it is but I can stay I guess


K, cool.

I posted the third challenge. Do that I guess?


@Petrichor, @anon97883067, @TheDrawer

I’m working on the collab thing, k?
Zane, if you can, go on the collab after an hour so so.
I’m gonna add a couple things


Tankt asked me who was in charge of this in my absence.
The answer woulda been @Petrichor bcuz my and TD basically left. Now, I’d like to put @SarcasticTvHead in charge. TV can now put out challenges, and accept new members after I approve.

Do the third challenge @Ninjago, and have a nice year :)))


OhhhHH phhh ok…


If you don’t want to, tell me and I’ll plunk this thing on someone else…

Or just let this whole thing di.e


Well I can run it it’s just that I wasn’t expecting for you to ask me to run it… lol


Great :))
I’m glad you will.

I trust you with it more than I’d trust Petrichor with it. At least now I do




I didn’t know it came out yet… wait, Did it just come out?




Ahhhh okay that explains it.

It’s a pretty cool teaser tho