Ninethousand twoteen



Ahah lol if you want it changed back I can get Fearless to get on their acc and do it cuz they have reg


Meh, it’s fine for now lol.
Also, I might only end up doing like 2 lines tonight, who knows. Lol


I do plan on reaching at least line 45 by Thursday night/ Friday morning. And then probably get to at least 60 before the weekend is over!


Update: Currently on line 30, in case you didn’t know.

I also upgraded my device.

On this new device, I opened up pixel stitch, implemented the settings and picture to create the template. And I became so angry when the colors associated with the symbols got changed a bit.
My color 60 from before became the new color 61, and a bunch of others got messed up, also the pixel count for each color changed.

I was pretty angry at this, and I figured that I wouldn’t be able to make any more progress… but I added the picture on my phone, went to pixelstitch, then checked over the colors, and thankfully, everything was the way it was before I got the new device. Now, im gonna still gonna have to move the template stuff onto my iPad… whatever, I just figured you all would like an update.

Also, if you see the post above, I will try to be on line 45 by Thursday, then at least 60 before the weekend is over!

Edit: I’m not gonna do any lines tonight, will try and continue tomorrow! :slightly_smiling_face:


We already established it was mr.rex lol

I just unlounged it

If u would like ur topic title changed back btw, lemme know


Okay, good luck! Are you just going transfer an image? If so, that is super easy. But I don’t know how pixel stitch works, so I don’t really know.


Thanks, and on my phone, I was able to send the correct pdf file thing over to my iPad. So I should be 100% correct and back to normal. So, I will try and do some lines tonight!


I think I will only do 3 total lines today. I might not reach my goal of 45 by Friday, but I will definitely try to reach the goal of 60 before the weekend is over.

If I don’t have any homework tomorrow, I am gonna try and start the pixel art earlier, so that I can get more done!

Edit: (about an hour and a half later…)
So, I only did a total of two lines today… lol. Not that much. I just didn’t feel like doing anymore. However, it did take me like 35 minutes to do both of them.
The line aren’t getting necessarily harder, but the colors changed more often… which basically made it take longer. Lol, maybe I can do 3 lines tomorrow, to get to 35 lines complete.


Would you like to be notified on updates while I am creating this HUGE pixel art!?

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Edit: (a few days later): didn’t realize I didn’t tag my tag list lol.


34 lines done! Only did 2 today. But still worked for 30+ minutes.
Also, if I work tomorrow… it will officially become my biggest pixel art! Pretty exciting stuff XD
and I’m not even close to being done! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah… tomorrow :joy:
Didn’t do any today. I had quite a bit of homework, then finished fortnite week 6 challenges.


@aabb1111’s stream on twitch.
Go follow :slight_smile:


I should do maybe 2 lines tonight. Or 30-60 minutes of coding. Idk yet. Will attempt to do more tomorrow/Sunday, but not sure if I will be busy.

Goal: 5 lines tomorrow, if I’m busy.
10 if I’m not busy lol


Tomorrow yeah, I’ve been saying that a lot, but anyway, I got distracted watched YouTube, twitch. And I played my first ever game of h1z1, I got 2nd place and 2 kills rip lol.


Wasn’t home most of the day, no progress. And when I got home, I felt lazy and bored :joy: just laid in bed and watched fortnite on my ps4


Who could possibly be on at this time?


people who don’t live on the east coast


I live in Texas m8.


I’m on the east coast lol


It’s 11pm here