Ninethousand twoteen



OMG. I took me 7 and a half minutes to code the first line :joy: and over half the pixels are the same color in a row. Geez.

There were I think 4 different colors in that line, but it is so hard to tell the difference in the colors, so it just looks like one giant row of the same color.

@Dylan329List, don’t expect to see this pixel art out for quite some time :joy:

Edit: just did some calculations, and this could take 150+ hours.


Haha yes big improvement.

What method?

“Haha oof yeah I feel you. I’m working on mine rn actually lol. I need faster pixels!!!” --Fearless
“Ps-- Wasn’t it supposed to be surprise? Or do they only know the size and not what’s it’s a pixelart of?” (Also fearless)

Rip well, Sophia, we don’t have the subscription.

It really socks because most of them in my pixel art are the same color and i can’t count the pixels right lol


My current method, but using set pos blocks like MP said to do.

Yeah, it’s still a surprise. I think the only thing I said was the width of the project.
Edit: also I worked for over 2 hours on it already.


Yeah that’s what Fea’s doing too.

lol I feel like people could guess what it is just from the width and your… likes/dislike haha

Oh ooooff that’s a long time

“Help me Dylan I had a really bad idea and now I’m regretttinnnngggg thisss so much. I also started working on a super old project in my drafts and it’s from the update before you had the object blocks and the editor is a complete mess. And my hs keeps crashing ;-; rip fearless in 2019. cause: pixel art” --Fearless
(fearless told me to make this small idk why tho)


Lol, If someone guesses right I will be surprised.

I’m gonna regret this a lot also :joy: rip.


Can I guess? Lol nvm I actually already know.

Haha yes rip. I started making a pixel art that’s pretty big and I don’t have a grid and it’s hard. And I’m new to hs too haha this is a sad year for all of us


DON’T SAY IT! DO NOT TELL ANYONE! :joy: thank you

I did notice that on pixel stitch, if you click on the save button, it will show it with a kind of thick grid line every 10 pixels


lol I know I’d never tell.

Haha yeah I noticed that.
Fearless adds a thick line in every 10 rows (because of the method they use) and sometimes every 10-15 columns
It’s actually pretty helpful, unless you have super tiny pixels


I think I know what it is


That’s why I have realized the value of using perler bead patterns. They are so much easier to see the lines. I used a perler bead pattern for my snoopy pixel art.


Huh, interesting. I’m gonna try that next time.


It’s worth it even if the pixel count isn’t as much. My smooth penguin pixel art was also based off of a perler bead pattern.

The last time I used pixel stitch for a pixel art was probably my goldfinch pixel art


Yeah. Oh cool!

I found a couple of good ones and it gave me an idea. Thanks for that

(This is fearless rn, btw ftr)


Oh, I can see the lines and symbols perfectly fine. But there are 86 colors, some colors look the same, so it looks like a straight line of he same color lol


Should I try and finish up to line 5 tonight?


Haha that’s why I had two versions, one with lines, one without

Go for it bro. That’d be 2500 pixels already.



Hmmm maybe I will. lol. I will be 2% done


Haha yes.
2% done is pretty reassuring. You can do this Dylan!
You’ll prob get game changers haha

Thankfully, I’m productively procrastinating. I’m finishing up requests. I’m doing CoM’s horse rn, then I’ll do Tankts meme cate then I’ll finish my slipknot one and then I’ll do my giant one (lol I might just push it off til June, for my 3yr anniversary on my FearlessPhoenix account)



Bruhhhh, you are working on way too many right now lol.


Lol yeah I know.
I probabaly have a couple others that I left out on purpose. I should be like you and actually finish stuff lol.