Ninethousand twoteen



Haha oof that’s actually ~8 pixels a second.
Not too bad I guesss?


It’s still pretty freaking slow :joy:


Ehh yeah that’s true.

Is it with MyPizzas code?
Cuz I thought they loaded faster.
Maybe MPs code with a pixel size of one? Idk I’m not good at this


No, it’s with my code.
I can’t get MP’s code to work without a button.


Oh okay. Sorry.

I’ll see if I can do something for you I guess.
Give me a couple mins


Hmm that’s weird I tried a bunch of different stuff and I can get it to work, just, the x value doesn’t really change and all of the pixels overlap and the yspacing gets messed up…


Rip, well it’s okay.
If MP can’t figure it out, then I will just do it my way.

I’m also just a bit freaked out, about how long it will take to actually code 1 line, because on the website, there are symbols, and I will have to convert those symbols, into numbers to decide what I have to code… it’s confusing and gonna take forever lol. I’ll try :joy:


Haha okay. I’ll see if I can help I guess.

Got to go! Now tho.



Well, I don’t think you can help with me having to like decipher the symbols every time. Lol



Ok uh without the button and changing the “when button is pressed” to, “when game starts” it should work as long as you give the code time to create clones at the start. Like a wait 500 milliseconds


Then I think the code I you mean that multiplies differently each time is the first set pos right?


Awe nvm I tried doing it without the button and for some reason that doesn’t work :joy:
I mean, if you wanna stick with your pixels I think you can speed it up a bit by replacing all your change x or change y blocks with set pot blocks


I might try something similar to that in the morning, it’s very weird how it doesn’t work without the button.
Idk if the set pos would necessarily speed it up, when you have 500 pixels in a row… or would it?


I did test it with you snowman pixel art. I think it helped a little bit


Oh okay. I’ll try it out tomorrow.
Thank you!


lol didn’t you do symbols with colored boxes tho?

But Using set pos does help speed it up


Yeah I did that, but I still have to translate it to numbers


Oh oof.

Do you have a website other than pixel stitch where you can add a grid to a pixel art? Because I have one that’s already pixelated but it leant have a grid and it’s kinda hard to do without a grid. I tried putting it into pixel stitch but then it messed up the colors and dimensions and stuff.
It’s too big to manually draw on a grid.


Nope, don’t have another website, sorry.

Also I did the changes, and it can now load 500 pixels in 34 seconds! Big improvement


There is an oldish project on HS that can be used to draw a pixel grid. You would have to have someone with a subscription do it for you though. Tip: make the trail width a little smaller.

Does anyone remember the project I’m talking about?