Ninethousand twoteen



Are they still on Hopscotch?


Idk but they keep liking my projects


I wouldn’t be surprised if they came on at some point in June.


Yeah Fea’s working on some stuff.
And finishing up requests too



I would.

Once Fea decides to leave or something, they usually stick by it 1000%


We’ll see. June got pretty nasty last year.


Yeah I think Fea said they’d be back for pride month


“Did I? I’ll take that back then. I probabaly won’t. 6’ll prob do something special instead” – Fearless


I tried this, and it seems to be the same speed as the one I use lol.
It loaded 86 pixels in about 10 seconds.


@MyPizza May I use your pixel code for my pixel art?
It seems to load extremely fast, twice as fast, compared to mine.


Sure! Do you mean my new shark pixel art code or the other pixels I have been using?


The new shark pixel art code. Thanks! :grin:


“Yo @MyPizza would you mind if I used that too? I’ve been experimenting and I think that’s the fastest way A’s of now. I’d use it With credit ofc. You’ll prob say yes so thanks in advance dude” – Fearless


Ok! Also, to change the size of all the pixels, just change the amount of clones that are created in the “clone” rule. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help :grin:


Ha, yep! Feel free to use them!


Ok, thank you so much! :grinning:


Might start working tomorrow… after I change some code. Lol


Play Fortnite [:heavy_check_mark:]
Code on Hopscotch [ ]

:joy: basically me right now


So, I am trying to add the code to my project, and with your code, you have the pixels load when you press the button.
On my project, I want it to start creating the pixels when the project is opened, no button required, but I can’t get it too work.
Do you know how to fix/ change this? @MyPizza

Edit: I notice how you have diffent multiply values in set positions blocks, like sometimes you have a 5 or a 3, sometimes it’s positive or negative… what is this for?


Omg, it takes 1 minute to load 500 pixels :joy: