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Happy New Year/ New Years Eve! @Dylan329List Hope your 2019 is better than 2018.

If you are bored, and want something to do, watch this.

If you aren’t bored, then watch this.


Yas! Ninja meets Neymar!


Got a PS4 for Christmas, got carried to a sniper only squad win. I had 1 kill, and the other two had 3 kills :joy:


Does anyone know the newest/fastest pixel art code method? The pixels will load kind of slow on my newest project, using my current method (that I got from someone else).
Thank you!

Also… when uploading a project, you can’t fit the whole image of the screen in the thumbnail, does anyone know if/when this will be fixed.


Just pinch the thumbnail (and hold it till it publishes) in the crop-thumbnail screen so you can see it all.


If you’re using smooth pixels, I recall BB-box having some ridiculously fast smooth pixels.


Hmm I’m not sure about the newest method, or what method you’re using. Are you attempting the column one? (Lol prob not but I still had to ask)

Use a pixel size of 1 or 2, cuz those usually load really fast and that’s what I’m probably gonna use for mine. And both of them are basically the same size? Well, almostish. Kinda.

@Petrichor did a thing with a million random colored pixels and I’m assuming those loaded fast, so maybe ask him.

I ran in to the same thing as you did with the thumbnail. Take tankts advice ig

Also, make a pm with 6 (A_Metalhead) “Terrific Tim Team Take Two” haha

– Fearless


No, not doing the column thing.
I am using pixel size 2


What method then? Your normal one?

Yeah hmm they should load decently fast ish

Wait hang on pm me a pic of it so far. Or screen record it loading an send that as a gif

– Still Fearless
Anything after this is from 6


Yeah, I’m using my normal method. Also I haven’t really started any lines yet lol.
I don’t have a pm with you on that account, idk how to create one.
Also what happened to your account?


Lol okay.
Nah this isn’t my account. This is actually @A_Metalhead’s account. He’s my friend irl (more like a brother cuz we practically live together tho) and since I left (which answers your other question), he let me borrow his acc to give you pixel art advice lol.

– Apparently still Fearless (sorry 6!)


Ok kicked out, try requesting



(I’m 6 again, Fea left to go do stuff)



Wait, Fearless left?!?!?!


I find this to practically be the fastest


Yeah they did. They said they were going to at the end of the year.
Although Fearless is still stalking


Heh, I guess that was our deal. Yeah, we all know they’ll still be around a while.


Yeah each object did about 10 pixels à second.

That methods too complicated though,



Nah, tankt, you’re wrong about that bit.

Fea left for good. No more stalking or popping in.
Not sure they’ll ever be back.

If you wanna talk to the you have to pm me and I’ll set something up for you guys or I’ll convey messages from Fea. That’s just about it.

Fea’s last post was what it was for a reason, and it was on that day for a reason. All im gonna say about that is that people should do what Fea asked. It’s not too much to ask for,.,

Edit: Fearless updated their bio. Read that I guess?


Try me. What method?