Ninethousand twoteen



Thanks. See you all later



Cya then Dylan.
Should I watch all of your children for you while you’re away?



I wonder
(Lol whO would watch rex’s children if they were gone)


Oh, have a good vacation!




Thank you!


#timfamily new tag I made


@Dylan329List I am currently on the way back home from vacation. Just finished going through 44 notifications! Also thanks Fearless for nominating and getting another member of the Tim Family on featured!
I will be home in a few hours.
I still won’t start on my next pixel art for a few days. I have YouTube to watch, Fortnite to play, school work to catch up on, and Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!


Merry Christmas to you too! Here, it is super close to Christmas! When I´m writing this, it is only about 5 hours and 35 minutes to midnight and Christmas Eve!


Nice! Christmas came by real quick lol.
It doesn’t really feel like Christmas, since it doesn’t snow here :joy:


Here, it has snowed since the middle of this week actually! But it is the first time in a few years that we have gotten snow on Christmas where I live.


Yoooo! Snow on Christmas! That’s awesome.

… just realized I missed my 3yr anniversary on hopscotch :joy: it was on the 13th.


Happy late anniversary then! And one again, Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Thanks! And to you too!


No prob bro.

I need to see how you manage that bro. I’m starting to work on a new, (faster?) method, I can show you if you’d like.


Sure, show me


I’m back home!


Merry Christmas!


:clap::clap: FORTNITE :clap::clap:


Was just looking up Hopscotch forum, but somehow typed in hopscotch fortnite XD