Ninethousand twoteen



complete silence

So. How’s life? You, Bob, Tim, Timette and Timothy all getting along?


Yes, been getting along just fine lol


Good lol.

Uhh idk what to talk about


Nothing XD
Creative mode coming to fortnite though lol



Yeah I’m really bad at makings convos sorry


XD, I’m just watching youtube


Lol same here.

I just found a clean version of one of my fav songs and it’s terrible.

What’re you watching?


Uhh well I just finished watching PewDiePie


Okay how did I not guess that? XD


Lol, I bet you can’t guess what I watching before that


Fortnite. Or more PewDiePie


Fortnite hehe.


Wow I got that on my first guess. Do I get a cookie?


Also, I gtg. See you tomorrow,



Cya tomorrow!


EVERYONE STOP COMPLAINING! It will get finished one day lol
Season 7 of fortnite just started. I already got 1 solo win, and 1 solo squad win. Also finished week 1 challenges! Let’s go!


lol who keeps complaining?
I didn’t say anythin

Nice job :))


Lol it was a joke.
Thanks XD

Also, it might not get done this weekend lol


Lol ik.
No prob :))



Procrastination is the best XD