Ninethousand twoteen



Hehe np bro.

Lol yeah.


Tag DylansList and tell them to #help_dylan_get_reg XD


I think you should publish it on Christmas/Christmas Eve, and maybe enter it in the Hopscotch Holiday contest!


If you are talking about the one made by @Yusamac205 then yes I will!
Also, @Yusamac205 can I enter two projects?


I’m not. Besides, Yusamac205 has a Christmas competition, not a holiday one.
I’m talking about the official one by THT.


Ooohhh yeah.
I’ll enter it into the hopscotch one also!


Sure! It didn’t say in the rules that you couldn’t.


As soon as possible would of course be awesome, but if you don´t have any other projects planned for launch on Christmas Eve, it would be cool to launch the project on that day or the night before, so that people can wake up to an awesome pixel art :slight_smile:


Wait, the hopscotch team are having one? I don’t see anything about that. Are you sure?


Pretty sure.
They do one each year.


125/149 lines done, will try and finish tomorrow


Send me a pic? Hopefully system lets you post the pic this time XD


I met PM it to me lol.
Delete it so you don’t spoil it for everyone elsE.

The second circle looks kinda… not circular lol


Didn’t do any lines today. Oh well


So, we got an Official Pokémon go topic. Can we get an official Fortnite topic? Hmmmm


Will try and finish the pixel art tomorrow… let’s see how it goes… lol


Didn’t do any :upside_down_face: oh well lol.
Probably not gonna do any tomorrow, because of Season 7 fortnite.


You’re starting to be like me and procrastinate a lot


Well, I had doctors appointments, and then homework. With my remaining time I played fortnite.


Hehe fortnite. Of course.