Ninethousand twoteen



Good morning,@Dylan329!


Good afternoon lol


If I’m not too busy this week, I will try to finish the pixel art ASAP, and hopefully can be done before Friday/Saturday. That’s my goal…


Has anybody left the forum or hopscotch in general???

@Dylan329 i can’t wait for this pixel art!!

And yes, of course I remember you @Aariv
I noticed you were talked about in the latest update, about how you can get stuck in that account sometimes if you have the subscription… has that happened to you??


Now it’s fixed.
Also, now I have 3 features instead of 0.


@Dylan329 & @Stal98:

Glad to hear from both of you! :slight_smile:
I hope that you, Dylan, can finish your pixel art, but don’t stress! Good luck with school, your homework and everything else!

Stal98, I don’t remember when you was on before you came back, but did you know that we got a new “community manager”? (kind of what like @t1_hopscotch did). Her username on the forum is @Ana and here is her introduction topic:


Thanks, don’t have much homework today, so I will be able to work on some of it!


WOAH, this general topic will be 2 years old in 2 days.


60/80 lines done. I completed 15 lines today (1,200 pixels)
20 lines left, my goal for Friday is looking pretty good :grinning:


Yay @JonnyGamer you’re baack


Heh you caught me :smiley:


You can’t hide from me😏


So I’m bouncing around tonight because I got lucky -1-1-1


What does that mean?


I’m thinking why @Dylan329’s General Topic say that it’s your general topic


My IP adddress is banned and my WiFi is on lockdown too so I barely get to come on here

What’s been hopping recently?

Sham bo diggity


Yes indeed we did that


Ana is now the new moderator


How’s she been doing?


Good, she actually responds to your emails