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Hello, and welcome to Dylan329’s General topic! (I sound like some tv reporter or something lol)

This is going to be where I will post shoutouts, upcoming projects, ideas and many other things!

You guys might know me as DylanBarrett on Hopscotch, I make many different things.
I have had several features and a lot of trendings!

Here, on my general topic, you can ask me anything, as long as it isn’t inappropriate or mean in any way, you guys can use this to chat with me, and other people!

I will try to answer all questions ASAP. You guys are all Awesome hopscotchers.

@Zachyswag [/details]

Check back often for more posts! Thanks for reading this until the end!


Hey @Dylan329!


Hey how you doing. Oh I have a question for you. Have you been on featured yet.


No features for me yet :frowning: hopefully soon though! Not that I really care



I love your pixel art!


Oh, did yours get nominated the other day, I think it did right?


Thank you! I am gonna start working on another one soon.


No, it didn't. I am currently working on a big game though


What would you consider your strength in Hopscotch? What you are best at and like making most?


I think my strength is games and pixel art, which is what I like to make most! Pixel art is amazing!


That's cool! Your first featured was pixel art, so I think that is true! It's amazing


Yeh thank you! I was happy, and right now it is about 430 likes!


Update ideas:

I have a couple update ideas that I would like in the next update.

  1. I would like to see a thing were you can see who you are following, and who is following you, and how many of each. (You can make it so only you can see it, or everyone can see it)

  2. When in search, there is a button or something so you can search "#games, #art, and stuff like that".

These things would be reaply cool in a future update.


I agree! Those would be cool :smiley:



All your projects you should be featured!

It is really good!


Thank you soooooo much! Makes me happy!


Your pixel is really good!


Thank you, I am starting another one tomorrow, related to the tv show "The amazing world of Gumball".


Goal for my featured project: 550+ likes by the morning, which is about 8 hours.


Hi! :D