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Excuse me Dylan the snowman has a name.
You have now managed to offend Timothy.
As well as all of your other children.


Nah ill adopt them.

I basically named them so yea. Dylan named Tim (called him Bob) I gave Bob a life, I named Timette and Timothy.


Hehe I would have said Timothy.
But I don’t think very many know his


Dylan, who gets custody over you children if you loose it?


PewDiePie and Mr. Beast will


You should have.

His nickname shall now be uhhhhhh Timo? Ok lol whichever one is worse, Timette or Timo?


Lol it has to be a hopscotcher. You have now offended a phoenix. Be prepared for heII (it’s just a joke/metal reference. Don’t mind me).


Are you trying to call him by the worse name? Lol


Hey @Petrichor how ya doing buddy. Would you like to adopt? :joy:


No lol I’m trying to avoid calling anyone in the T-Gang the worst name.

lol everyone is prob confused by this because they have no context for any of this whatsoever XD


You didn’t.
Take that back


XD everyone will be so confused.
Also not sure how I feel about T-Gang now. Just thought about T-series… T… T… they are basically in T-Gang, I feel bad for the Tim’s. XD


Oh oof.
For all y’all that are confused: T-Gang is the Tim Gang. T(im)-Gang. T-Gang.


Dylan otherwise I will go follow T-series from all of my alt gmaiI accs (and I have a LOT)




Wow I am totally feeling the love here


Ill take it backwards instead haha
:joy: ?tpoda ot ekil uoy dluoW .yddub gniod ay woh rohcirteP@ yeH


Fine, I take it back. Also sub to PewDiePie with those instead of t-series. Thank you : )


Hehe wow I can’t believe that.
I’ll change the tseries tag to a pewdiepie tag


Ooh smart thanks XD.
I need regular xD