Nihingo School (Japenese School)



Hi guys!

I am willing to teach anyone the language of Japenese/Nihongo, up to the point where I have nothing else to teach you since I only took it for two years.

Now, I would be emenssly satisfied if someone who knows Japenese would volunteer to help me.

You will get homework and will submit it IN THE HOPSCOTCH APP under #NihongoSchoolAssing1.

And if it is the fourth assignment or so, you would replace the 1 with a 4.

You will get graded, just so that you can see your progress.

Here is the chart:

(QUESTIONS): How well do you know Japenese? Will you actually come by twice a week and teach?


(QUESTIONS): Are you willing to do your assignments and not complain about the wok you are given?



Hmm.... I think I will try to be a student. No promises that I will stay in the the school the whole time, though.
And the answer is no. I will not complain about the work Im given. This sounds pretty cool! I only know "nee-how", which I think is hello.


Are you willing to do your assignments and not complain about the work you are given?

Yes! I am willing!


I will try to be a student but I'm going on vacation it's no wifi in a few weeks so...


你好is Chinese not Japanese.


Wait is it Chinese or Japanese I am really confused


Put it into Google Translate, easy.


That's Chinese XD

it's actually pronounced "nee" but kinda goes down at the end
"Hah- ow" and Smush that together quickly

It's hard teaching people that don't speak Chinese Chinese, because of the tones.

People will get what you're saying tho!



The school is Japanese,

But what TheRealBlah and Sprouse said was Chinese


I would really love to join, but I'm starting school soon and we begin to learn Soanish in seventh grade. In don't want to be two languages at once... >~<


I know otokonoko. That's about it. :3


... Oh. Right....... I forgot. I guess I never learned any Japenese.


You are accepted into the School of Japenese! Also, for the record, Nee-how is Chinese. Konichiwa is Japenese for "hello".


That is perfectly fine! I can give you private lessons.


Japanese. Not Chinese. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.


Thats fine. Its optional.


SO, the SCHOOL OF JAPANESE (AKA NIHONGO) will begin when I get back from vacation.


Oh, and BTW, I am currently only taking up to 5 students, until there are more teachers.


Thanks! That's really nice of you :)
I'll tell you when I leave and come back.


I would like to join if I'm not too late, I've been trying to learn japanese for a while but no school would teach it because spanish now is really popular since so many people speak it...