Night Owls Topic :0


Do you stay up late? :3
Is there nobody on the forum? :0
Are you...lonely? ;-;

Well, now you have a solution!

Thanks to the brilliant Snoop Dawg. (Moi)

All Night Owls can come here and share stuff when everybody is sleeping!

Not too off topic please!

No weird/inappropriate stuff. We all do weird stuff late at night! :3

And no flame wars!

Blah blah blah, you know all the rules!

Have fun!

Bad speelling is alvays welcum :3


Great topic! Here, it is 2:05 AM!


Me too :0

Actually my clock is wrong!
I'm on vacay (so it isn't, different time zone) but where I live it is! :0


I have no bedtime!! :smiley:


same. It's 4 in the morning where I live, but I'm on vacay.


Sorry, this is exactly like "The Lonlely Crew", which got closed because it was basically a chatroom.


Like @Gilbert189 said, this is similar to the lonely crew, which got closed because it was like a chatroom.

There will be a forum party tomorrow- so we can look forward to that!