Nicer Ways to say "This is off topic"



Again, I'm making one of these. There has been this huge increase in users, and I feel it necessary to address this problem. There's been one about "search before you post" which really payed off, but there have been sooooo many off topic posts and I think we should come up with a way to help out the newer users. Here are a few common things that happen:
•User replies, saying that they are sorry
•User seems hurt
•User lashes at you
•User denies being off topic in the first place
Those are super common, and I think it's time to come up with a solution. Here is what I think you should do.
•For the first one, maybe link them to the community guidelines and tell the, it's ok.
•For the second one, tell them you didn't mean to sound harsh and link them to the guidelines and sincerely apologize to them.
•For the third one, my first instinct would be going back at them, but it's the wrong thing to do. If you politely said it, give them the guidelines. If it keeps going on, say that they may have a flagged post. If they keep doing it, flag and contact a mod or leader.
•For the final one, explain to them to rules and link them to the guidelines.

Does anybody have any good ideas about preventing this?


I think this is useful, but I would try and broaden it


Ok! I just have to eat dinner, so I didn't get time.
I'll get to it.


I just say,
Lets get back on topic now! :grinning:
or something like that.


That's a good way to say it, but there are people who make topics about it and can be difficult to control. :wink:


Good job! And don't just say "Search before you post!". Impolite. Don't say "Get back on topic!". Unkind.


And always be nice to new users about this. :wink:


Yeah. And try to not get off-topic. And don't bully. And don't be mean.


I've been meaning to make this!


And always be very kind to new users—and really any user! Unless you can tell it's a hacker or a bully. If it is, flag and report them to @moderators or @staff or really anyone who can do anything about it.


Before you flag a new user, make sure they know first. If it keeps happening, flag it!


Yeah, and never flag anything that is on-topic or tell leaders or mods to close a topic without the permission of the creator of the topic.


If the're a new user, tell them nicely and say for them to check the community guidelines

If it's someone else, say guuuuuuuuuurrrrrlllll get on topic or bbbbbooooiii get on topic

(Jk, treat everyone the same)


Yep! The drawing topic is pretty much the only exception for the get back on topic thing. :wink: