NFL (American professional football) Coding contest



Hola!Welcome to the nfl contest! There will be 3 teams: New England patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings. I decided on these 3 teams bc I went on an article by USA Today and thee were considered the top 3 teams in the nfl rn. Anyways, there is no limit for how many players r on each team but there is a limit for the amount of judges (3 not counting me)

So fill out the following forms if u want to give a prize, join a team or be a judge

Judge form

Will you be non biased?
When it comes time to judge, will you actually do it?
Do you have hopscotch (so u can view projects)
Are u able to contribute any prizes? (If not, that’s ok)

Form to participate in contest

Will you be active?
Will you promise to make a project?
Will you work with and not againat your teammates.
How would you rate your coding out of 10 (to make teams fair )

Form if u want to give a prize

Which prize do u want to give?
Do u promise to make it/give it?

remember this is a team contest not individual so work together
also prizes can be coded stuff or just spam likes.

Prize list

A follow on hs - @Bright_light
Spam likes on hs- @Bright_light

Thanks in advance (contest will start once we have enough people)


Judge list



Let’s go Patriots! Sorry…people who are my friends…I am a Patriots fan…I am not a band wagon. I have family in Massachusetts


Ok thanks! You can view projects on the internet


Oh I didn’t know that’s but thanks!

Haha who urs fav patriots player?


Brady or Gronkowski tbh


Yeah agreed

I also like Edelman tho


Yeah Edelman is like my 3rd


Yeah I think the pats r gonna win it all


The only teams I find worthwhile
Are my school team


I have friends who moved to Atlanta. And I’m a colts fan.

bam two reasons why I particularly dislike the Patriots.



Ur hating cause u ain’t

Don’t hate on the pats j bc they r too good😂




No. I didn’t have a problem with them until they cheated.

Anyone remember deflategate?


Oh my

Don’t bring it up lol

It’s a conspiracy​:joy::joy::joy:


Nah. It’s proof.

I mean, if they hadn’t cheated, I’d probably not hate them that much lol.

Edit: Them as in Belicheck and Brady.



I don’t rly think it made a difference whether they cheated tho

They still won by a lot


Luck and Vinetary said it was a noticeable difference.



Watch the patriots win it all this yr haha


Just saying tho, I think it was mostly belicheck not Brady.


Yea, I’m rooting for either Steelers or Vikings.

I like the comeback story of the Vikings.