Next Hopscotch Update?



This is kind of going off of a few other topics, but what does everyone think should be in the next Hopscotch update? :open_mouth: I think we should be able to share projects with certain others so that we can get advice etc. I understand the dangers of this (Hopscotch having b u l l y i n g, et cetera.) but it could be a good way to collaborate without friends seeing it, so that when it comes out, Tada! Big surprise!

Ideas to Add to the Hopscotch App

It would be EPIC if there was a way to make folders in your draft section. And, it would be awesome to have a good and easy way to credit people, like a section in the loading screen where it shows credits. (If there are any) It would be awesome to be able to use people's @ username and tag things, it would be sooooooo much easier to find projects!


Definitely! Also, if we could see our follower count (but nobody else could.) Also, a tutorial on sine/cosine. I want to learn how to use those for sure!


This sounds like a good idea
But for the bully situation maybe the hopscotch team and some other people can see what all the asking and talkings about just to see


Sorry when I said it was a good idea I ment all of the things not just one


Also, messaging for collabs. This would be complicated... But private messaging. Censorship would be required.


These are all amazing ideas! Most people are nice on Hopscotch, but bullyin.g would still occur :open_mouth:



Yep, that's true. I suggest there is also a blocking feature? Where you could block anyone who is being rude? However, this could still end up in bullyin-g.


This is a possible design. I had G-Mail in mind when I created this! What does everyone think?


I really like it! I love the layout especially. Though I'm not big on hopscotch private chat, there are a lot of things you can do such as:
Have a list of messages to pick from
Allow other users to see your chat (so we you would only send things you would like other people to see)
I've never been too big on the chat or command idea, mainly because I love educational games.


Thank you! Something that would hopefully be improved in the update would be activity. @Liza


Someone talked about mesiging! Please search before you post!


Thanks for including me in your drawing! I feel really honored :slightly_smiling:
I love the idea of the chat, and I love how your messages are visible to the community. There could be maybe a setting that The Hopscotch team could change so your messages are private to them :wink:


I know, this is about updates thiugh, not messaging.


Yeah but still I am saying your not the first one who came up with that idea


I know I'm not. I said earlier that I was not the first to state this.


Great idea! This would save time for me and Rawrbear for collabs
This is a pretty good design :grinning:
Also, we should be able to make organizations, like on GitHub!


Good idea! After I finish my homework, I'll be right back, I have some more ideas... i think?


Some more ideas:
Synthesizing sound
MIDI editor (not my idea but I really like it)
Text-to-speech (similar to Finch robots/Google translate)
More text options (Calibri, Arial, Century Gothic, etc)
In-app extensions (dunno about this)


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