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This is similar to @bluedogmc-official topic
But it's mine now

But it's going to be unpopular

But who wants to be interviewed or have a ad about something or anything

in a TVs advert!

No in a newspaper!

In the comments fill out this form

ad or interview?(or anything):
Things you want to put on your ad or interview

I will tell you if you get a big ad or a small ad!

thanks to pop tart for turning this to global edit!


You need to be regular! D:

You could ask a mod or a leader to make a post global edit!


I'll tag a regular!


Could u turn global edit on!


You need to tag a leader or mod. Regulars can do it to their own posts, not others.


Oh my goodness this is a great idea!!!
I'd love to do either!!! My username is MissingInAction but I'll submit an ad tonight


What am I doing

Actually I'm dying while listening to Jacob sartorious's new song Agh okay it's over we're good now an equally terrible song that's not his is on

K what do u need



Global edit I guess

Have fun


Well I've got to give credit to @bluedogmc-official


Yeh I need it on global edit


Mkay I'll do that for ya

#12 just had to say his name

Don't worry @PopTart0219 you'll be fine


Thanks for turning it to global edit!


An equally terrible song is on that's not his :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay I made it globally editable… that sounded weird


Don't try to edit my post...

Woah @PopTart0219 ya wanna go

Idk do u wanna go

(insert Street Fighter music)

Anyways, bot
Ok so this is like project advertising or what?


Well you could ask me in my newspaper to put a project ad


Oh that sounds amazing! Also, I'd like to see le newspaper :smiley:


I'm working on it
I'll show you when I've got 1 ad and 1 interview


Woah if Friendship heard that XD


Who wants a ad or interview