News! (Kinda sad)


Depressing news

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary on hopscotch forums (meaning that today is my 366th day!) To be honest, it's only depressing because none of you guys could celebrate with me.

In better news...
Speaking of anniversaries, I actually have a really important 10th anniversary on the 30th November. It's not a wedding anniversary because I'm only 13 (that's right, I'm officially a teenager) it's more of a anniversary that only some (unlucky) kids get.

Exciting news!
I know that Halloween is just around the corner, but I cannot wait for Christmas (also I hate Halloween) so I have decided to start my Christmas celebrations right here, right now!

Speak soon!


Instead of depressing, use the word sad. Depression is a mental illness that some of us forumers have, and it's not to be joked about.


I changed it for her
Btw @charlotte10034 hi 5 it was mine too


I was gonna change it but I had to do something


Twinsies! Yay!!!!!!!


I haven't seen you around here. So let me interdict myself,
I'm @Explorer_, my HS username is Explorer​:herb:. Hope we can be friends!


Hi! I would love to be friends


Belated happy anniversary!

Hi btw. I'm @KVJ (Komplettverrücktjunge).


Thanks and hi
(Sorry for the late reply)


It's okay!

Wanna be friends?


I wanna be friends too!

Also, check out my art contest on the forum home page


I would love to be friends!


Sure we can be friends and I'll also check out the competition



:smiley: :tada: :smiley:


Wow that was a quick reply





I am sorry about that. Maybe you can use the OMTL?