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I have a new account called DancingCrystal emoji! So yeah that's it and it you have any ? Your free to ask and guess what is even better..... I'm a regular now thank you @everyone


Hi! It's great to see you back! c:


Hi @EnchantedAnimallover


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Remember to stay on topic! :D


off topic
- I texted you
And I forgot how to do some stuff like the things like polls


Just do this!

Tap the gear thing beside the smiley face on your thingy above! Tab build poll! You can now make it public! c:


What smiley face! I don't see one


There is a bar on top of your text thing.

The first thing is a speech bubble, B. I, a link, quotations mark, etc.

Eventually you'll see a smiley face and then a gear. Press the gear! :D


I still don't see a smiley face


Okay, look on top of where you type. There are a lot of things. Including a smiley face. Then a gear. Press that, than tap build poll!



it work and answer my text plz


I don't have my mom's phone right now. ;-;

I'm on iPad. :0