Newcomer Place!


This place is for newcomers in the forum to announce themselves. This can be used to a newcomer to not write a random post saying Hi to the forums and can say it here so we know they exist :smiley: Newcomers can also say their Hs username and ONE of their project links at a time in a post. -Master of Faster/ Razor


This was a similar post:


"Guten Tag"? Yaaaas!

I'm new to the forum, so hi!

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Welcome to the forum @KVJ







I'm new I only started on the forum yesterday :pensive:


Right from the start miss candy :smile:


My first day! :open_mouth:


Wow! Mine too! My first post was in this topic too!


My first post XD
I've come very far


You joined the day before me :0


Yeah...but I never posted on my first day! I didn't know how to! XD

I posted the day after (on your first day)


You've definitely come far then :stuck_out_tongue:


XD yeah!
I remember what it was like after my first post...A little while later @Smishsmash liked it! (Thanks for that Smishy :D)


Naturally @Candycane seems to have been my first liker.


OMG the memories from this topic :joy:


im sure you seem to get first on nearly everything for me :0




Hai @Rawrbear :3