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How do u tag someone


What you do is you put @ before their name. It should show up when you type the first few letters. Hope this helped @PillowFace :smiley_cat:


Welcome to the forum! Here, you will be able to talk to other Hopscotchers, get and give code help, collaborate with others and much more! Feel free to ask if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!


Have fun on the forums!


So pillowface are you new to the forums and hopscotch or just the forums?


Welcome to the forum! :smile:


Put @ before their username. When you type the first few letters it should pop up. Hope this helps @PillowFace😸


Just the forums. :grinning: also one more question…how do you write a hidden text?

  <dont add punctuation in here>


Is there a button I have to press?


Just these thingys (without the spaces) < the text will be invisible if you remove the spaces at the beggining and end >


Nope, there’s no button you have to/can press.




How do you view a hidden text?


Hmmmmm, I think you quote them or something


Tap the speech bubble :speech_balloon: button in the post editor.


One more question: does anyone else not see the trending tab option?


I don’t see it either.
I think the Hopscotch Team took it down temporarily because of all the drama on Trending.


Do you think they’ll put it back up in the future?