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Oh. Well, I kinda knew this wasn’t ur GT cuz it says it’s a newcomer lounge thing


Yeah, hmm… Just looking for pets I can buy


I have a hamster named Pearl, and we gave her and egg yesterday. She liked it. What pet r u thinking of buying?


I have two cats already but thinking about getting two gerbils as well.


Awww, gerbils are so cute. Are you thinking about getting boys or girls, or girls and boys?


Two girls or two boys, not too sure yet.


Stopping by the NC Lounge real quick


Whats up?

They sky! LOL. I’m so NOT funny.


(Maybe adopt instead of shop?)

Anyways, guinea pigs are great first pets. They’re really easy to take care of and aren’t as nippy as hamsters. Actually, I’ve only ever been nipped about 3 times and it didn’t even hurt.
Guinea pigs are also very affectionate and playful, too.

Hamsters are good too. If you get a hamster, whatever you do, do NOT get a leaky water bottle. If they get wet and don’t get dry fast, they could get an upper respiratory infection.

Gerbils are great too but idk much about them because I’ve never had one.

Also if you get a guinea pig or hamster lol I know a lot about hammy/piggy care if you need any info.


I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with studies and this weekends been real weird. Some strange things went and are going down.


It’s fine bro :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s my GT and I’m spam.ming it with what I like. You spam yours and sometimes others with cat memes. Please don’t tell me what to do on my GT. I can look after me and my GT fine.

Note. Lol. I thought this was my GT. Sorry guys

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I have been on Hopscotch since 2017. I am new to the Hopscotch forum


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Can I join the helpers list?


Sure. We need to listened you first though. I need to go but I will be back soon.