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Cool project, good job!


Potato, Potahto.


Lol, a potato Cannon. You can use it possibly as a tower defense game, maybe biased on FOOD!








Why did you flag this? I just want to help people


Hey Everyone,

Today is the annual test to see if any of you can level up! I want you to make a project poster on Hopscocth About This Topic.

After that there is the next challenge which I will tell you about once most people are on.

@pomtl - Sorry If You didn’t want to be tagged


So helpers too?


I have the same question - who does this apply to? :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I can if I get an idea for one.


If this involves helpers you’re getting a website on my iPad project.

Once I uh get there.


@MewtwoCreator, @William04GamerA and @tankt2016

Yes, it applies to everyone.


Hey, sorry but ur the only one on. How do you make a global edit?


You need to be regular to make a wiki edit.


Yeah, tankt just told me that on my writing topic. Thanks anyway.


Oh, okay. Um… Now I just feel a bit um lonely…


Awwww, don’t feel lonely :pizza::pizza:
You can come and chat with me and tankt if u want


Nah, its fine. Nobody ever comes on my GT anymore. This isn’t my GT is you where wondering.
Also, my brother won’t play with me or come online so yeah.


Oh. Well, I kinda knew this wasn’t ur GT cuz it says it’s a newcomer lounge thing