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I want to make a medieval brick “window” with a scenic view in trail art but I don’t know how to do it.


Well, trail art really isn’t my thing. You should ask @William04GamerA: trail art is totally his thing!


Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:

I would be really happy to help you @TheDeliciousOrange. Have you done anything on the project yet, or do you want recommendations? I am pretty sure that I also need some image for reference so I know better what you want to achieve.


Sorry for the late reply…I had to draw it, but here’s what I want to make.


It’s not my best drawing…but I hope it works @William04GamerA


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Hello! I’m back on this topic
How are ya so far?


I’m great.Come join me on this WBF


Oh, okay. Doing 3D with Trail Art is actually more easy that you could imagine. I would get started with the frame of the hole, just the outline. Do you know how to do that? You just use trails to draw a rectangle, but you replace the upper side with a curve. To make a basic 180 degree curve in Hopscotch, which is what you need, do like this:

repeat times(18):
Draw a trail color() width()
Move forward()
Turn 10 degrees

Replace “()” with a value that you think looks nice - experiment! And ask me if you need more help.


Thanks! It really helped


I´m happy to help! Feel free to ask if you need any more help :slight_smile:


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Whoa that looks good…
Shape art might come in handy for those mountains : )
If you need any help, I’m okay at trail art.


BTW @tankt2016 I used an idea from the list (don don donnnnnn)