NewComer Lounge And Safe Place



Hey @mimicku

Welcome!!! You are now a basic user!!! Well Done!!!


I know what I did and it was wrong, me and Fearless Phoenix and Internet Friends again and I apologised. Sorry but can you not post it here as it’s off topic. Thanks and sorry UnicornRainbow


You type like this in a post:
<hidden text here>
The text will be hidden, but don’t put anything really secret in there as there are ways that people can see the text. But, it is not visible in the actual post itself.

If the text doesn’t get hidden, the characters that you are using might not be supported. The trick only works with lower- and uppercase characters and some other characters like the equal sign.


Hey @UnicornRainbow,

I hope I am not late, but I would be interested in joining this as a helper!!

I have been on hopscotch for 4 years and on the forum for 1 year!
I don’t think I would classify myself as a newcomer, but I would love to help people out if possible!!



Of course your not late, you can join whenever!


oh hey @glam_unicorn! i love ur profile picture!


Is this place still active
Just checking


I’m pretty sure it’s still active! :blush:

Do you need anything? I know your not really a newcomer.


No I’m good
Just checking


Here, still active. Not very alive though. Anyone wanna help me get people to find it.


If any newcomer needs any help, I will be there. I have this topic on watching.


Hey, just seen your newest Trail Art. It’s great. I have been trying to do Trail arts, it’s not working.


Same here! I can help any newcomers!


If you are talking to me, then thank you! And if you need help, I’m here! What kind of trail art are you trying to make, or do you just want some general advice?


I’m trying to make like a Trail Art Of an Emoji. It’s this one. :v: I tried but failed


Oh, okay. What code do you have so far, and what are you struggling with?


All of it. I can’t get it the right shape


Oh, okay. Have you seen my trail art of the same emoji? I just used a circle as the base.


Hi can I get some help?


Sure! What do you need?