NewComer Lounge And Safe Place



Yes, of course you can.


Okay. I saw your other post and sure you can :grinning:


Hi, it’s me Fuwa and I’m new to da forum.


I have been on Hopscotch for 5 months (on my current account).
I am new to the forum.


Hey Fuwa,

How are you??? You are now on basic levels. As you ask more questions on this topic you will get a higher grade. When you have done all the grades, you will be helping others on this topic. Do you have any questions???

P.S Sorry for late reply.


Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask me if you ever need any help (or just want to talk in general).


Can I join as a newcomer?

I have been on the forum since around the end of the summer of 2018
I am joining as a newcomer to learn how to do some things on the forum


I’m not new,sorry. I’d like to be a helper.
Edit: wait what does basic member do. What do any of the roles do?


Ok. Thanks! :slight_smile: I like this lounge.


I think that they’re only for the newcomers.


Sure, as I said to Fuwa, you are now basic.


I have been on Hopscotch For ( over a year )
I am new to (None I have been on HS app for over a year, I have been on the forum for 4 months)
I’ll be a helper


very cool


Okay, thanks for your help!!!


Ahh, back in the lounge and free from people who work me up.




Why tho
(Just saying stuff because of limit oof)


Don’t you know the trick so you can say things UNDER 20 characters?


I don’t know it oof I wish


ah. im new
I have been on here for 2 days.
i am joining as a new comer to… draw and post them.