NewComer Lounge And Safe Place



Thanks, that’s what I did :grinning:


Can you remove me from basic members? Because I am in basic and helper @UnicornRainbow


Sure, will do! :grinning::grinning::grinning:. I’m so glad you can help me


Im so glad Im helping you and others! 𗀫


I’m going to be posting the link to here all around the Forum, if anyone wants to join whist I’m gone, please make sure they answer the questions first, please do NOT enter who is a basic and who is helper until I get back. Thanks


I’m going offline now. I am trusting you @GalaxyCoding to not do anything silly. I will be checking all the posts and looking at if you edited anything.


Can I be a helper? I’ve been on Hopscotch since November 2015, and next month will be my third forum anniversary.

Also, please know that you probably shouldn’t advertise this in other topics, especially old ones, it doesn’t really set a good example for newcomers.


Yes of course you can also I should not of done that.


I might join this. I always try to help people on here, so you can consider me as someone who wants to be a helper on this topic in the future, I guess. I’ve put this topic on Watching.


Okay will do. Thanks


I’ll be a helper.

I’ve been here since feb 2014 and I think that acc got deleted or something. I made my current main acc in June 2015


Sorry but I’m not too sure as you where not a good role model to the new comers in a different topic.


When was I not a good role model? Exactly.

Nainujamisgbysytbsns why tfh am I even arguing? I don’t even care about this lol



LOL. Don’t worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have any questions about the Official Hopscotch App? Ask away, big or small!

Have any questions about the Official Hopscotch Forum? Ask away, big or small!

We always want to help!


I’m been here for a few months
And the app I’ve been there for about a year if your wanting to know
Imma double check for how long I’ve been on the forum but I’m not new


Yep a few months I’ve been on the forum


Here’s a safe space for you all.


Can I join?
I’ve been on the forum for a year and the same for the app
hwtrhiuvb why am I doing this