NewComer Lounge And Safe Place



not much as a newcomer here now, I joined back when I was 0 or 1 days old (on my forum account).


Your not a newcomer but you can ask questions and we will happily answer them :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I chat with people? ^_^


Yeah, sure. As GTs are going to close on the 9th I have decided I’m running a party on my GT! Come join the fun!




Exxxxtreeeeemmmeeee buuuuuummmppppp


how does one become a “leader” on the forum?


You fill in an application form and do some tests and THT chooses.


don’t quote me on this, but i think that since we just recruited a bunch of new leaders, i am not sure if at this moment THT is on the search for new ones.


According to silverdolphin, it’ll reopen in September but idrk so take this with a spoonful of salt


grabs salt


that’s what Ana or Jazz said!


Thank you all,
I was just wondering how it worked.






Thanks :slight_smile:

@UnicornRainbow, can you edit the top post?


Yep, just did. Thanks


Thanks for letting me test something here :smiley:


It’s okay, why can’t I make wikis anymore?