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Many Thanks And Don’t Forget To Ask Questions And Write The Form For You To Join. @pomtl

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Can I be a helper? I want to help others!


You need to do the form and be active. You need to be at least a basic for a week before then and then I will decide. @GalaxyCoding


Wait, is there a form?


Yes, here it is -

I have been on Hopscotch For ( answer )
I am new to (Hopscotch/Forum/Both)


I have been on Hopscotch for 1 years
And I am not new. I just want to help others


Why do you want to help others?


Because I love helping others. They are all my friends, and I dont want to make them feel bad, I always want to make them good!


Okay, you are at Basic Level, if you stay active and helping people in this topic, I will consider you. Thanks and keep helping people :grinning:


Ok, thanks!!!



Can you please go find people around the Forum and link them to this topic. :grinning:


Oh, ok :+1: I will do that now


Make sure you link it to here and I will put you as a helper. Thanks.

Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 18 [OFFICIAL]


Have you found anyone yet?


I really want people to help. :grinning:


No, I didnt found but Im going to make another topic about this so more people can see this.


Wait, can I create it as I’m the owner.


I will give you the link soon


Tag the omtl.


But I created it…


How can a new hopscotcher can know what is omtl?