Newbie here, need help


hi im new to the forum. does anyone know how to do a poll?


You cant follow anyone here... press the heart to like :D


You can't follow people here D:
But you can like by pressing the grey heart button :s
Welcome to the forum :D


Hi @kitty708! (You can do this by typing someone's username after an @)
1. You can't, sorry!
2. Just click the heart!


thanks so much :slight_smile:!


Belated welcome! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you want my attention!


Welcome to the forum ! I am not an amazing coder like the other forum members you have met but I can still help !
You can't follow any follow on the forum !
For example there is a secret way of how to post just one emoji or one character @kitty708 , you need to put < and then type something random ! > When you do it , then make sure you put the < and the letter is touching to make it invisible !

I think you will be a really good person on the forum !

Tap the blurred text below me.
What is your Hopscotch Username ? Mine is Silver dolphin
If you need any help , just tag me as @Silverdolphin


I have my suspicions hmmm not many people join the fourm in the summer hmmm but anyways welcome @kitty708


@MiracleShoutouts, hey there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did ye get the tag?

You can't follow someone on the forum, but you can spam-like them!

cough cough @KVJ_Is_Awesome_2.0 @KVJ_Is_Awesome @KVJ


Cough why you mention that??? cough


Becuase I spam-like you! XD


But why summon Smashy???


I didn't summon her! :thinking:


Can u keep a secret?
I'm Smishsmash, so is @KVJ_Is_Awesome_2.0 :000 @MiracleShoutouts


hi silverdolphin! thanks! ill be sure to check out your hopscotch profile!!
My hopscotch user name is Kitty708. i also have a comunity account called hopscotch help.