New Years Eve / New Years Day?



Okay, so, on Christmas Eve/Christmas somebody said they would have a "free topic" on New Years Eve/Day, I haven't seen one yet, are we still allowed to? If we are I wanna talk here, Christmas Eve/Christmas was really fun and I want to do it again!


People said it was tomorrow somewhere today or yesterday. So I guess tomorrow, but who knows if they're approved?


@GysvANDRegulus hm, we should ask some leaders or smth


@GysvANDRegulus ok, what's up? Is your keyboard being weird or smth?


@GysvANDRegulus Oh, weird


How come no one did anything on the Hopscotch forum for like 30 min? What happened???


Well for me I had to reload like 10 times for the forum to work
It kept giving errors :confused:


@CreativeCoder oh, okay


I couldn't get on the forum for an hour..


I have a black eye now :neutral_face:


Let's do it tommorow


@friendship2468 oh no! What happened???


I made a topic about resolutions


My surgery happened.


@friendship2468 Oh :open_mouth:


Bye for now peeps I'm going to see the acorn drop but the ball drop on tv