New Year's Competition 2021

hmm the forum-wide surprise- do you mean this?


I don’t know @990867 said there would be a forum wide surprise to day for the fist place winner of his comp.

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Sorry, but…

Contestants will still receive their rewards!

That other person has 9 votes I only have 2 me looser

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Don’t worry, @Santa998. You can always have another chance if you want to.

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Final Results

We only had 2 participants this year, @Rapterdragon_83 and @Santa998, and the winner was @Rapterdragon_83!
The contestants received their likes on the app, and even if you didn’t win, we still had a lot of fun, and I really liked all of your projects! Happy late New Year!

Hints on Next Competition

No hints available at this moment. Please try again later.

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