New Year... New Project? (Thank You, Follow4LikesOffical For Flagging This Topic!)



Guys... It Is Two More Days Til New Year, And I Want A New Project To Celebrate! What Should I Do?

  • New Years Ball Drop
  • Country Maker
  • New Years Resolution Contest


I Will Add More, But Comments Make It Go Faster!


New years ball drop it wont let me vote


What's a "Ball Drop"?


In NewYork the ball drops its like a huge ball on a stick thing but it drops during the countdown to the new year we go to raleigh to see the acorn drop though im closer to that


I Closed It, @AwesomeWolf18! I'll Open It Just For You!


It still closed


I Finished It But I'm Saving It For 8:00 :wink:


Today is New Year's Eve....


Yes and my mom will be snoring (during the ball drop) if we dont stay out this year


Make sure she drinks coffee xD


And keep her sitting up


I would go to Raleigh, because that is super close but I go to Florida.


I go to Raleigh (not saying the town i live in). And why u go to Florida


Just, Guys, Let's Flag.


Do you want me to close this?


Just close it... After all, it's no longer new year..


YES......, @Kiwicute2016.


K I'll flag :P.


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