New year competition 4 more people



I am going to host a competition. After (mostly) everyone is finished with a challenge, I will judge the entries. Last place will be eliminated, and so will uncompleted/incorrect entries. Winner of this will get a shout out, drawing, maybe collaboration, and will be called the 2015 victor. Challenges will range from making projects, to riddles, to anything really! When you are finished with your entry, please post down below the link to your project.

MEMBERS: (4 more needed)


But what is our entry going to be about?????????????????? QUESTION MARKS????????. Swry fur da spaam.


I am waiting to get a couple of members first, then I will announce the first competition and how long you have.


pls no riddles pls pls pls no pls


Ok then! I will join as a member!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYA!!!


Can I please join?? I have nothing lose to so for a bit, until tomorrow morning, my eye surgery.


Meeeee! I want to join please!


@Follow4LikesOfficial, @Glitter_Kitty, I am not a fan of riddles so, PLEASE NO RIDDLES!


It will probably end up only being like once.


I'm just saying no riddles because I'm hosting a riddle comp right now and I dun want the riddles to clash


We still need a least 7 more people!


We still need at least 7 more people to begin!


Can I join @Glitter_Kitty?


"crazygoat" = join


5 more people to begin!!


Might I join? Please?