New winter characters


I agree, this is unrelated to this topic and I’m suprised it was not flagged for spam or it’s off topic. He can make a separate topic for it though. I’m sorry @Dylan329 but it is off topic.


Yeah I think he got the point.

No need for a seperate topic.


Lol chill dudez it’s a joke, kind of sorta not really :joy:


XD since I got reported, I will be leaving hopscotch and the forum. Bye guys


Are you joking?
If not, bye…

You were flagged as off-topic, and it’s obvious why.


Yeah I’m joking XD. I know I was off topic. Just me goofing around being an ldiot :crazy_face:


Double super test



This is me JonnyGamer woowowo @sarcastictvhead @petrichor


Omg Jonny what happened?!


I am replying over email
is this the @root account?

That is what it is showing for me


Yes it’s the @root account


Are you another Jonny alt?


He is but apparently he can’t get on his account


Oke mr. root here
I won’t be able to use forum for whiles :frowning:



Would it be possible to make a wb the email posts lag


I hope you’re doing ok, I messaged u on insta


Just post a whiteboard


@root why can’t you use the forum on ur main account?


@ana @awesomeonion how do you make those characters?